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Leah's Kitchen

Up In Leah’s Kitchen

When growing up, if my dad said we were going to a restaurant… it meant we were going to Dooky Chase’s. My dad and Mrs. Chase were very good friends for what seemed like a very long time. Her collection of African American art would rival that of any of the world’s greatest museums. She was an anchor for the civil rights movement and a pillar of the New Orleans community. My words will NEVER do justice to all of what she’s done and how much she means to her family, city, and the world. Deep down id always hoped to have a piece of my work in her collection…on the wall in Dooky’s. So when i was approached by the family about producing a mural for the wall of the restaurant in the new airport, i was beyond excited. The honor in creating this piece like this is incredible. I spent several weeks compiling images of Mrs. Chase, her kitchen, and her art collection into the composition that i then painted. As I approached completion of the project i was scheduling with the family to come and spend time with the piece and add messages to or about Ms. Leah into the work. Mrs. Chase had been ill and passed away before i was able to complete the painting.

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  1. Danice "Dani" Faulkner-Edwards

    Greetings Ayo
    I didn’t know you were commissioned to do this mural – I admired it as I raced thru the airport but never had a chance to stop and really take it in. Congratulations – it is a beautiful piece of work as well as a historical tribute to our city’s icon. – Dani

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