Ayo Scott

saturday mornin’ ARTOONS ….

This project is the brainchild of Natalie Rineheart and myself.  Looking for some artistic opportunities outside of school.

this class will provide a thorough foundation in basic art skills though a series of fun exercises spanning over 5 weeks.
OBJECTIVES Students will. 1) learn basic art vocabulary so they can view and appreciate artwork in a gallery or museum setting and be able to talk about the work. 2) explore art creation through several 2D media techniques 3) understand and utilize “artistic expression” and the importance of craftsmanship 4) implement the basics of creative problem solving through art activities 5) generate an “art portfolio” of work through completion of the class 6) be exposed to various genres of music both as part of their curriculum and as inpiration for their work. Session 1: Exploring 2D (each Saturday starting Aug. 25, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm ) * Week 1: Composition & Design (intro to shapes, light, line and how our eyes work with our brains) * Week 2: Getting Into Drawing (drawing from imagination and from life) * Week 3: Fun with Painting (working with color, line, and paint on canvas) * Week 4: Printmaking Project (solar plates and stamps) * Week 5: The Collage: Bringing It All Together (mixed media compositions using drawing, painting, photos, printmaking, and other mark making) Week 5 will conclude with an “art exhibit” of kid’s work and lunch party celebration.


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