Ayo Scott

Opening of my “Masqued” Collection

Over a year ago i was about to paint at a Beats and Brushstrokes and couldn’t decide what i wanted to paint. At my studio i had a few abstract paintings that id done at previous B&B events and i had a folder of masks that id been collecting to use in my collages. I envisioned one of the masks on the abstract backgrounds and decided to paint one. So happy with the results… i continued to make paint these masks. Experimenting with juxtaposing the masks with contemporary imagery like bow ties, rope chains, and headphones.

My friend Tavia manages one of my favorite bands and reached out to me about collaborating on a project to collect toys for kids. In reaching out to a few other friends, namely  Definition DJ Chris Stylez, and Carly Hammond of High Art nonprofit we saw the opportunity to pool our resources and make a larger more impactful event.  Several musicians, some emcees, and a DJ put on an incredible block party outside of the gallery where my Masqued exhibit was opening.

Good times all around and LOTS of donations that were delivered to the Covenant House today. Good times.. for a GREAT cause.

a huge THANK YOU to my boy Malik for taking photos during the event… follow him on instagram @PhrozenPhotography


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