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New Frontiers

New Frontiers

“Frontier of Progress” is the title of an installation i recently completed at 212 Loyola Avenue in the Saratoga building. A friend of mine by the name of Brian Boyles wrote great book entitled New Orleans Boom and Blackout. So great that it received the One Book One New Orleans award sponsored by the Young Leadership Council. He was allotted the resources to do a few events focused on areas covered in his book. Brian reached out asking to collaborate on a pop-up history/art exhibit. The event would also include a DJ who’s mixes juxtapose pieces of our city’s unique musical heritage over time.

After brainstorming IN the space and taking some measurements, I created several digital collages and a short video. Measuring, cutting, and installing the large paper mural took a few evenings before the opening night.

The Images in the work discuss topics from 5 chapters of Brians book that talk about the development of the stretch of land along Loyola Ave. The images discuss the big plans that were made and the big promises that were broken. I poked fun at Mitch Landrieu and Chep Morrison.

The images below are both the digital images and the installed piece.

More info about the project can be found at the link below.

Brian’s book, New Orleans Boom and Blackout can be found at the link below


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