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  1. Hello Ayo,

    You do not know me but we have a number of cross-connections. First and foremost, your mom and dad came to dinner at my home in the FQ and in Paris, once upon a time. My ex-husband commissioned a sculpture from your dad that still sits in the courtyard of 837 Royal. A gorgeous structure, of course.
    But I can tell you all these stories when I meet you.

    I wrote Leah Chase’s biography, and Leah and I worked together on a new book about her life, for young readers, that was released last August. My good friend Jillian Gibson helped install your stunning mural at Leah’s Kitchen. Aimee Fitzpatrick and I both work at GSS.

    Months ago I started a tradition of “my table” at Dooky Chase on Friday nights at 6:30. (Aimee came with a group from GSS this past Friday.) I want to organize a table of artists and hope you would come. I’m thinking of April 9, and I am planning to invite Jillian, Clifton Webb, and Chase Kamata. Could you join?

    I am very eager to meet you! And please give my regards to your mom. We were in touch by mail years ago, and I hope she’s coping well with this pandemic.

    Carol Allen

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