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boy in a hood

boy in a hood

I was asked to be in a show of African American artists during the month of February, and i not so respectfully declined (as i am tired of being pigeon-holed as a black artist especially when it comes to doing shows during “black history month”.

the curator called me back a few days later, having run into the same concern from other artists he asked to be involved….so he eloquently titled the show “28 Days Later”.

i decided to do a concept piece about stereotypes and race in this day and age.

i call this piece “Boy N A Hood”

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2 thoughts on “boy in a hood”

  1. Charmagne Andrews

    I understand your sentiments. Many of our ancestor-artists grappled with feeling stereotyped by this “qualifier” being used as a prefix to artists. This is why Samella Lewis titled her book Art:African American. I think we each must deal with it in our own way. All feelings are valid. I generally use the phrase an artist who is AA when teaching because I want students to know we exist and have existed longterm. In this context it is important for students of color to realize there are many artists that look like them. And to show them their dreams and aspirations are valid.

    1. great comment. thanx for sharing that. and YES i think we must ALL deal with it in our own way.
      W.E.B. spoke of our dual consciousness some time ago.. and though he wasnt speaking about US as artists.. it applies all the same.

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