I’m a child of New Orleans. The tensions that pulse through life in the Crescent City foreground the evolution of my aesthetic.  I mine the traditions, ambitions and contradictions of my hometown to create visual allegories exploring ways of being, consumerism and technology’s interaction with the transcendent.

A dialogue between music and the visual arts is foundational to my process.  Silent contemplation is not my muse. Inspiration is a rhythm for me; a connection made through mood and tone.  My work has always been an extension of the improvisational bedrock to be found in jazz’s intellectualism and hip-hop’s resistance, seizing on the fluidity that allows musicians to work across genres.

My recent work has focused on leveraging technology to create a symbiosis between analog and digital.  I achieve this through a reflexive technique that begins with digital collage.  Drawing from the works of European masters, African masks and popular iconography, I juxtapose distinct elements to migrate the past into the present.  This collage is then printed out and affixed to a board for me to paint into, adding color and line.  I then take a digital photo of this progress and import it onto my computer where I render it as a monochromatic digital drawing.  That image is printed in a large scale for me to use my hands, adding final embellishments on the layers of creation generating this discourse between the technological and traditional.

Through this self-conscious process of looping I expose the potential for digital and analog to dance in creating art and articulating a truth.